Time Equities adjust office portfolio to “1.5 meter proof” in cooperation with REDDSTONE
Tom Duurland, Content Manager REDDSTONE
April 21, 2020
In April, real estate investor Time Equities, in collaboration with REDDSTONE, will make all its multi-tenant office buildings “1.5 metres proof”.
Time Equities does this by placing instruction and signing material, developed in collaboration with REDDSTONE, in its offices. This makes it easier and clearer for users of the office buildings to keep a distance of 1.5 metres at all times, to use the buildings in a safe and responsible manner and thus reduce the risk of the spread of the Corona virus.
1.5 meter proof offices
“We notice that our tenants need clarity about safe use of the office. For employees who still work in the office and for the safe return of other employees when government measures are extended. The “1.5 meter rule” is expected to remain in place for the time being. We understand that it can be challenging to apply this “1.5 meter rule” when entering a building or when reaching an office floor. With this instruction, we want to implement this rule in our office buildings and advise our tenants on the safe use of the building and common areas”. According to John Schepens, Director of Acquisitions and Asset Management at Time Equities the Netherlands.
“We notice that our tenants need clarity about safe use of the office.”
Both Time Equities and REDDSTONE have heard through various channels that multiple parties are facing the same challenges to get their office buildings “1.5 meter proof”. For this reason, the instructions and all signing will be made available in Dutch and English at www.samenweerterugnaarkantoor.nl.

We encourage everyone to make relevant information, concepts, apps etc. available and thus together enable the safe use of the Dutch offices in the “1.5 meter society”.